So maybe I get overwhelmed

I tend to have ideas for projects I want to do when I’m bored and stuck at home. Blogging is one of these ideas. However, then I get a really bad flare of whatever-the-fuck, and I don’t even look at this blog for a month.

I’m okay with that.

I had a really bad bout of nausea/vomiting/food intolerance for 3-4 weeks, including almost a week of that where I couldn’t keep anything in at all so gave up. I got fluids and had labs done. I saw my GI doctor’s NP at Vanderbilt. And she mentioned going through the ER and the possibility of another NJ tube.

So I went home. I went quickly, with promises I’d go to my local ER to get fluids. And I got angry. And I tried to force down food and fluids on the way home. And I vomited a lot.

I kept trying.

I’m one of the lucky people who’s flare eventually calmed down. I have managed to avoid getting another tube…for now. I’m still vomiting quite a bit. I’m still nauseous around the clock. But by golly, I don’t have a nose hose.

I’ll take it.

I’ve learned from the neuromuscular visit I had that my small fiber neuropathy is basically wreaking havoc across my body and autonomic system. I learned that if my right-sided stuff gets worse I’ll need MRIs to search for possible issues.

I also saw a urologist and am taking meds for bladder issues. Then my gynecologist said I have endometriosis and need surgery.

The hits just keep coming.

I’m very tired. I’ve been spending my days in my house and in my room. I had an idea to start exercising that has yet to happen. I keep thinking of places I should take my kids. I do about 1/10 of what I’d like.

Obviously, I’m likely depressed. And this post has been full of wallowing and self-pity. But I guess I feel a little better. And isn’t that why I started this damn blog?